Sunday, 18 August 2013

Happiness is?

     Ahhhh the deep deep questions. The ones that make you really ponder. What is Happiness truly? How does one obtain this, and better yet maintain this? Can someone always be happy?.... probably not unless they are on a steady dose of uppers and perks... but hey! Obviously that doesnt seem to working out so well for the people trying that road to bliss.

     Being a Massage Therapist I often feel like a part time psychologist . And to be honest this is something I also love about my job. I truly love trying to help people and make them happy. Perhaps too much as I have been reffered to as "Dr.Phil" by my husband.  But hey, I just want to live in a big happy bubble where people get along. Is that too much to ask?

      Happiness, Happiness. When asked by clients what makes someone happy, I find that should be such a simple answer. And really its true... so many many simple things can make someone feel happy.
      I find the state of happiness is contagious. Being around happy people often will uplift the mood of everyone around them. So why is that we dont run off and join the circus with clowns and entertainers? .... Good question, sounds kinda appealing actually. Living a life with someone like Mr. Bean as a best friend, I feel would solve all my problems. Even the way he nasally, through pinched lips says ..."Bean" brings a smile to my face.

           But back on topic. Does anyone know the real answer. When I ask people, everyone has a different answer. Many would say happiness is watching their children, or being with family or friends. Others would say they find contentment in solitude and nature. The answers are vast and vary.
     So what makes me happy? Easy, simple stressfree days. Laughing with friends and family. Walking my dogs, doing yoga, dancing, laughing... laughing at people laughing (laughing at people falling) and laughing at people laughing at people falling.

    Now does that mean that material things in life aren't important? Yes it does! Granted we all need a roof over our heads and a ways to get to work. And society requires we have jobs and make money to obtain these eartly possesions. But dont be fooled by thinking these are the things that drive us towards happiness.
   These are simply a necessary means of survival in todays world. (Unless you are gutsy enough to run away to a tropical island and live off the land). So I think it is also important to look for some enjoyment in what we do. No matter what it is that we do, remember do it for you. It may not alwasy be fun and glamourous, but find the good in it, and smile.

          As I was taught in my yoga training, live for today and embrace what is. Love when you get the chance. Laugh when you get the chance, and don't let life drag ya down.
       And if you care to... tell me what makes you happy?


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The long lost blog / Christmas part 1

Well so it would appear, as predicted,  I suck at mainting a blog... diary... biography etc. I do truly enjoy writing  though, I just always seem to get so pre-occupied with life that I forget to take the time to even think about it.
  So of course, when I have absolutely no time at all.... I thought heck, why not write in my blog. Its only been just about a year since my last entry, Time to rekindle the flame.

   This has been a CrAzY year! And now to my great and absolute excitement... it is December. Ahhhhhh how I love Christmas. This is the time of year where I work more then any other month at the office, shop on any free time, bake on any more time after that, decorate on whatever extra time i can find, and rock out to bublĂ©'s christmas songs with my awesome (very not awesome) voice in the car/home/clinic. All while maintaining an exceedingly happy (perhaps annoying) festiveness about me. I mean I couldnt possably have a busier month of the year with work, running the clinic, planning parties, planning ways to kill annoying kids in toys-r-us... and yet I revel in it.
   What is this euphoric state that we reach over the holidays? And why does is affect some of us in a state simular to "I ate to many ecstasy pills"  while others embrace it in a "I'd rather suffer a slow and painful death" sort of way?
   I am always fasinated by the opposing emotions of people over the holidays. At work I have already exploded Christmas decorations all over it. And there are always clients that enter my room that ohhhh and ahhh and sigh over the warm holiday lights and tree. While others I feel draw from within themselves a long lost connection to Scrooge (they probably even tried to trace their way back to him on
      Having a husband who also likes to be a scrooge, I find it particulary enjoyable to be extra festive around him, and all people bah-humbug.
   So just rememeber as December starts, Christmas comes every year people. You may as well get up off your tush and make the best of it.

                                               Buddy the elf, Whats your favorite color? 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Favorite Eats in Saint Lucia

  Bare in mind that other then day trips we resided in the Castries, Rodney Bay area. So for this location, I am going to write about my favourite restaurants, cafe's and of course most importantly... ice-cream shop!
     Having such a large passion for eating (hence why I also need to have a passion for working out), I thoroughly enjoy every time we got to go eat out at a new Restaurant. Being from Fredericton there are only so many different restaurants to circle. and while I do have my favourites which I will blog on at a later date... eating at a new place is most of the fun. Whats gonna be on the menu........... ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh. How much does everything cost? Am I going to be eating a side salad for my whole meal, or can I even get dessert after and maybe go over the top with a drink?... ohhhh ahhhhhh.
   So here it is folks, the top 3 picks for Supper -a la Erica-

Numero uno-    RAZMATAZ

   This is an Indian Restaurant located on the Rodney bay strip.  If you don't like Indian then you don't know how to appreciate the flavor of spices. Not all Indian is Curry and way too hot. The Razmataz has a very large menu of options, from a full meat sampler (Adams pick) to many Vegetarian options (my pick).
Although you need to side order the rice and naan (a must in any indian mean), the prices are good enough that you can do that and order an appetiser. This place is delicious with excellent service and a Buddha/Indian atmosphere. For a drink I would recommend the humingbird delight ( if you like sweet drinks).
   We ate at this restaurant 4 times in the month we were gone, its that good. If its your birthday while you are down there, I would recommend dining here. They serve you a free drink, but its the song they sing that's the best part :)

Numero Duo - Trios Caribbean Fusion

  I saw an add in a Saint Lucian magazine for this place and thought it looked amazing. I mean really, any place that offers a trio of dessert options in each dessert... you had me at trio.
  We found this restaurant again on the Rodney Bay strip. It is owned by the Bay Garden Beach resort, which we had been to a few times to visit some friends. Every time we drove by the restaurant it was dead. We began to think that it must not be any good so we never went until the last week. Adam asked where I would like to eat and I thought ah what the heck it looked yummy, can't be that bad right?
   I have come to the conclusion that people only go out to eat where they see other people eating. We all assume that you should stick with the masses, as they must know what they are doing. the masses only become the masses when the first two or 3 people stop to eat somewhere, and thus everyone else follows. I am guessing that this must happen to all the restaurents on the strip week by week taking turns as new tourists arrive.
   Anyway, going against the odds I decided thats where I'd like to go... and wooooweee it was good! They gave us a complimentary martini to start and a bread bowl. The service was excellent, the atmosphere excellent, and the food was absolutly amazing. It is actually a toss up between this and Razmataz for number 1. This is more of a fancy place if thats what you are hoping for, but the price reflects that as well. It is not over the top, but what you would expect for a fancy dinner. 
   Go against the odds, this place is great. It looks like one of those "2 scallops on a jumbo plate with drizzle only" places, but actually the portions were generous and filling! Yum Yum

Numero Trios - The Buzz

   We went here on one the nights our friends were staying with us... we were hungry... and indecisive. This place was recommended by a local so we gave it a whirl. Its got a great out-door area for dining with a beautiful old tree right in the middle of the patio for shade (love that they build around the tree instead of tearing it down).
   So being four of us there... we obviously had no other option then ordering every appetiser they had... right? I mean we shared them so...   So although I can't comment to you on how their meals taste. I can sure tell you they have a scrumptious appetizer menu :) We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere alot. We were the last people there and they never tried to rush us or anything.

.... I know you would assume that having great service at these places would be an obvious. But I will say my one negative about Saint Lucia restaurants is that. Although we had many good experiences, the service in most retaurants leads you to feel as though you are an annoyance by making them serve you lol. Not the owners by any means, they go out of there way to come great you and ask how the meal was... but the waiters at some places make you almost want to laugh with their lack of effort.

Good Cafe -  Cafe Ole

  Now I am not a coffee girl, but it is crutial for the better-ment of my day, that Adam gets a coffee haha. This little place is located right down on the marina (open to non-boaters). It has a mean cappicino (so I'm told) and a yummy smoothie :). Open for breakfast and lunch, with tasty treats and wifi. What more could you want? Oh wait its right at the waters edge and you can watch the boats coming and going!

ICE-CREAM!!!! - Elena's

Gelato... need I say more? I fell in love with Gelato in Italy where it originates from. This creamery is a good little shop to get a smooth, sweet, creamy, rich, tasty ... opp sorry there, got a little carried away. No need to say anything else... go get an ice-cream here!

Hope you enjoy my eating in Saint Lucia blog...I have to go now, feeling a little peckish.


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Scuba Diving

 So Scuba Diving is one of those things that has always been on my list. You know "the list"? The vast page after page of mentally scripted things to do before you die? Its on there between "Fall in love in Paris", and "Cow Tipping" ... hey we all have different lists....

    We decided to go Scuba Diving with our friends Jeff and Jody while in Saint Lucia. Both of them have their certification because they love it so much. They insisted we HAD to go while they were staying with us :). Of course neither Adam or myself were hard to convince, having been fish in a previous life.
    Jody took on the task of finding a competent trust worthy company to take us out from Rodney Bay down to the Pitons. We had wanted to go with "Scuba Steve" who had very good ratings on Trip Advisor, but he was booked up, so then we booked with Scuba Fair St. Helen. The following day we went for pick-up and they no-showed on us. Being annoyed we ended up booking through the resort closest to our house rental the WindJammer. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go out or learn in the Rodney Bay area.
    Although at the WindJammer we had to wait to the following day, it was well worth it. They decided to take us that afternoon to teach Adam and myself the basics... we were stoked.

   little miss confidense here strutted my down to the water shack that afternoon all prepared for my first day on the job. We suited up, jumped in the water (chest deep), and he gave us the basics and told us to start by going under water to breath.... Thats when I started to dislike it.
    I say this in here for anyone who is scared to try Scuba Diving. I was very excited, but then felt a little panic-y the second we went under the water. I thought "I don't I like this, I don't want to do this". I highly encourage everyone to get past those thoughts if you feel that way, because it only took me about 3 minutes of that then I started to love it!
     Nature didn't design people to breath under water, even though we all wish we had e been created with gills like Kevin Costner in Water World. But Scuba Diving defies such things by allowing us to explore the ocean up close and personal. Its truly like being on another planet. It is utterly amazing the stuff that lives just feet below the surface of the water. Its like putting on a space suit and stepping out in a place you cant fathom. The plant life, the fish, we even saw a sea turtle.
    Do do do go Scuba Diving on your next trip. If you get the chance to take experiences like that, take advantage! Humble yourself a little and go underwater. You will see how little we know, and understand about what we cannot see.

Friday, 13 January 2012

St. Lucia Adventures thus far

  Well today is Friday. Being on vacay you would assume I wouldn't be excited about the weekends. We have however been working alot while in St. Lucia. Our day consists of mornings- work/yoga training, afternoons -  beach swimming (i know the afternoons aren't so bad), evenings- work, telemarketing (i loathe thee). And so we have been lucky enough to have had 1 weekend so far and our afternoons for some adventures.
   Last weekend ~ being in Saint Lucia an absolute must is a visit to the famous Pitons (see above). On the plane here, I sat next to a "second-timer" to Saint Lucia who told me you could hire a taxi to go up and eat at the restaurant on the piton with a great view. Assuming he meant we taxi to the top and eat up there, we set out for the 37km from our villa to the town of Soufriere. This I must tell you should constitute as one of the adventures in Saint Lucia. If you are bold enough, and dont have a huge fear of heights... I suggest this for your means of transportation.
    Back home in mactaquac we live roughly 37km from Fredericton, and it takes about 25 mins to get downtown.  ...This drive however consists of 2 lanes switchbacking up and down their mountainous terrain, without any shoulders on the road for error. In spots half the road has been washed away from the hurricane that came here.... a year ago! Needless to say, make sure you check the brakes on any car you rent, and buy those blinders that horses wear to keep yourself from freaking out.   This drive takes an hour.
     Once we arrive at the base of the Pitons, it becomes clear that there is no road to take you to the top. Only a 2 hour straight up and 2 hour straight down hike (restaurant at base, not at top). When (just to confirm) we asked a local if you could taxi up, he laughed at us and said ok guys next time you come we will build a road for you hahahaha... we were the dumb tourists sigh.
   Although I was still willing to do the hike, my hubby was far from motivated for that lol. There is still a few weeks left so I will keep you posted if there is a change of plans. But FYI, trip advisor says that it is an intense hike up and down, and most people would never do it again.... but its got a great view.

       After we left the pitons, we went to the famous volcanic sulphur springs in Saint Lucia. These are generated by an active volcano, which bubbles these springs at 100 degrees celsius, and steam comes off at 172c.
     A couple of hundred yards downstream from the springs, the water temperature is still hot (around 45 C), but cool enough for you to get in and give yourself a mud bath. It is said that there are age defying agents in the mud, so you see people painting themselves like crazy with the mud lol. Once the mud has dried, You can wash the mud off in the sulphur stream if they can bear the heat, or there are freshwater showers available instead. Also be prepared for the "egg-fart" smell. It is almost too much, but should be expected where there is alot of sulphur.

    Although not an adventure if in Soufriere you MUST stop for lunch at the Ladera Hotel. I would venture to say that is has one of the best views on all the island, and sports delicious meals (priced in US, averaging $15 a plate). This place is a must visit, and has excellent food as well. Located just minutes from the springs.

Well those were the Adventures of Weekend 1. Today I will be starting this weekend with my first-ever try at parasailing.... stay tuned ;)


Wednesday, 11 January 2012


 Well hello there, welcome to the start of my blog. Sort of an odd thing to do really isnt it? Why don't I create a webpage about myself and see how many people I can get interested in reading about me and my life experiences. lol
  Sort of feel the pressure to make sure I am interesting enough so people will read. Do people judge their coolness off how many people follow their blog like they do with how many facebook friends wish you happy birthday?
   Anyway. I am motivated to start this blog after dining with some friends last night. I have a passion for eating (hence the blog title)... and therefore must also add exercise to the list (or I'd be as big as a house), and then I like talking... so though I should add the "everything else". Plus the 5 E's sort of has a catchy-ness don't ya think?
   My friend said while why don't you start a blog or write a book about your experiences, heck maybe get a newspaper column. (that would def add coolness). I thought, heck why not. And therefore this is why you now find your self subjected to reading about me, blame him.

      Write now I am lucky enough to be in Saint Lucia. My husband and I have come here for a month of work, training, and of course vacation. This is week 2, and we are loving it. I def. miss my family friends, and mostly dogs (nice order huh?) but the hot sun is making up nicely for it.  So these next few weeks I am going to be blogging on experiences down here, restaurents, and work.
    Hope to get you hooked on little-ol-me's interests.